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  • Natanin Rachapradit

Amino, acid and fats

There is death in my right lung

And she knocks on days like these

Ones boiling like an oven

My body swaying on the skytrain

Like the skinned defeathered ducks

Hanging on the wires you find behind glass at the noodle shop

A sticker tells you a bowl accompanied

By a piece of me will be 50 baht

I will be scrumptious, I promise

I won’t taste of death

My meat will with lean

It will be juicy

My aroma will mingle with the broth

Oh what a thought!

To be a thing between your teeth

Devoured savored

Even if its just for a millisecond

Chewed up and mixed into a paste

With egg noodles

I will be yellow but we will call it golden

As i descend into the acid pool in your stomach

To be inside of you and dismantled

Pulled apart until the essence of me are rendered usable

Just amino acid and fats

It is on days like these that i think about the naked ducks

About broth and about you

What it means to die so that I might be

A thing that unfurl on your tongue

When death knocks at my right lung

A surprise visitor though welcomed

And if not about the ducks then

I count the stranger's faces

All their eyes turned downward

They too would rather be somewhere else

Waiting until they are swallowed whole

Someday rendered usable too

Whatever essence they are whittled down to

Do they think about broth about how they might taste

If the knot in their right lung comes undone

Mingle with broth like lust on their lover's tongue

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