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  • Natanin Rachapradit

Before the yellow robes came

Before the yellow robes came

There were us

Holy and monstrous

Wombed bodies large enough just to house

All of life and whatever after

Cyclical beings so that from our throats

Leap the wails of ancestors

Nang Gwak and others as old as soil

Of course, this was before

Machines arrived and Siddartha deemed

We, fish food to their blossomed lotus

They say our best bet is to decompose and reconstruct

Digested to polymers and dust

Yes, the red between our thighs

Had always made us earthbound

Now you must learn that this is a bad thing

Learn that this is shame

Did you not know that even in their holy pagodas

Are glistening phallics reaching for the skies

While vaginal motars sit firmly as foundations

If we were made to burrow into the warm dark

Then surely they were made to ascend

What else are we but gateways so that sons could burst forth

If we are lucky they too might don their yellow robes

We could cling to their golden capes

Parasite off the enlightened

For now that they are the holy

We are merely monstrous

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