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Coursework casestudy

Project timeframe: 5 days

Chrome plugin designed to encourage friendly project check-ins and deadline reminders!

Designed to be compatible with popular project management software such as Asana and Trello.


The Brief

Creatives and designers are constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality projects for their clients.

Create a solution addressing a key workplace need.

Empathizing with the User

   To gain a better understanding of young creatives' needs I interviewed 7 individuals (the limited number due to the short time span of the project), each interview lasting from 20-30 minutes.

From there I created an affinity map to identify key themes


Likes frequent check-ins in order to create early changes and 
make sure things are on time.


Collaboration is a crucial part of their works.


Don't like having their attention divided between different tasks.

A common frustration across these individuals was the anxiety that comes with collaborating with others to achieve a common goal. 

A lot of the time collaborators will have different workloads and mismatching priorities. 
This can lead to late work turnarounds and late  


“We don’t have a lot of miscommunication in the team but often it would be me having to follow up multiple times with the same person on the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard because for example with [my co-worker], he’s doing a million things, some having higher priority so
I would have to nag a lot and there are some things I can’t do without his input because he has the content knowledge which I don’t.”

“Collaborating with people - following up with people is important. I am very organized but I would have to follow up with people a lot, multiple times. It’s frustrating because so much of it is out of my control. I would do multiple check-ins to work around it, the initial meeting I would often ask them when’s a realistic time they can get back to me and then check in later by asking if there’s something they need from me. I find that getting drafts back earlier is really helpful to the collaborative, artistic process.



Early-Career UX Designer working in a small team and multifaceted team.

Chatting Over Coffee

ALEX Junior UX Designer


Age: 28

Occupation: Junior UX Designer

Location: A high-end design agency in London.

Key Characteristics

Works to create deliverables for clients. 

Collaborate often with others in the team to produce deliverables. 

Values good management from the team. 

Dislikes having to dip in and out of multiple projects at once. 

To create their best works, want to focus on just one task at a time. 

Prefers to delegate admin/project management tasks to PM/a colleague.

Competitor Analysis

There is already software out there like Asana, Trello, and Slack geared towards team collaboration, communication, and project management.

What are these existing tools missing?

effective deadline reminders and check-ins for collaborative work that could communicate urgency.

Make follow-up reminders easier & communicate urgency when needed.

There are already gmails, Slack messages and deadline reminders - however, users end up forgetting about it once the message is turned off.

Should be compatible with current project management softwares.

Should allow them to focus on one thing at a time when needed!

Make follow-up and reminders fun - should not feel like nagging!

Ease the extra mental labour of project managing so they can focus on their main roles!

Defining the Problem

Young creatives need a way to get early check-in and follow-up from collaborators in a way that does not solely depend on them to keep track of the timeline.  This will enable them to conduct early iterations on their work in a timely manner and allow focus on the task at hand without spending valuable energy following up with their peers multiple times.


Redesigning the UserJourney



Early-Career UX Designer working in a small team and multifaceted team.

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