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HI, I am Blue.

A UX-UI, service designer and researcher with a passion for digital products driven by an emotional pulse.



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Forme Shaker is a water bottle designed for the health conscious who takes supplements. 
In this assignment I designed an e-commerce website specifically for Forme Shaker meant to increase sales based on user research.
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I designed a data analytics dashboard for WealthMaster. As part of expanding its business model, WealthMaster is looking to create a B2B dashboard that would allow investment platforms such as Hargreaves Lansdown and Etoro to glean useful insights about their customers who are on the WealthMaster B2C platform.

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Let's Connect

My love for user-centric design began at 16 years old - when I would take 5 hours bus rides into Bangkok from my home province to attend innovation and Design Thinking workshops. It started out at first with my interest in social entrepreneurship as a way to better optimize the way we do businesses that are more ethical and aligned with the greater good - that journey then lead me to hone my skills in Design Thinking and optimizing services and digital products. To me, the digital sphere has become so pertinent in our daily lives, it is both a private-public space and requires a lot of intentional, thoughtful and ethical framework. It occured to me as I learned about the power of aesthetics during my Art & Literature degree, that UX-UI design is the obvious pathway where my creativity and personal desire for social change meets. 

Now, I combine my expertise in Design Thinking, user research, graphic design, and illustration to hone my craft as a UX & UI designer. I am personally drawn to projects with a unique emotional pulse - my joy is breathing life into digital products and making them more user-centric.

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